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Math card games

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Equation Card Game

Create equations in this strategic math card game. Your second or third grader can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a new way!

Toss Up Game

It's important to be able to add and subtract quickly and accurately, and this activity is the perfect way to practice.

What's My Number?

What's my number? Go ahead and guess! This logic game focuses on number sense that suits all ability levels, as players' questions can be simple or complex.

Top of the Heap

Playing a tactile game with multiplication will help your child get a better grasp of basic math concepts and transform your kid into a master multiplier.

Close Call: An Addition Card Game

Create addition problems using critical thinking skills in this fun second grade math card game.

Blackjack Math

Add simple fractions in this fun math card game for second graders. This game is very similar to Blackjack, or 21, but it's entirely kid friendly!

Slide It

Work on measurement by sliding cards along a table with your second grader in this fun game. Use centimeters or inches, add up your totals, and see who's won!

Come to Collect

Practice your addition and subtraction in this card game. Disclose is a math activity any first or second grader will love!

Estimation Game

Help your child get comfortable with the concept of estimation, which will come in handy during everything from standardized tests to future shopping trips!

The Greatest

Try this fun addition game with your second grader! Arrange playing cards to find the largest possible sums.

Play the Number Sentence Game

Playing the Number Sentence Game with your child gives him the opportunity to practice ordering and comparing numbers using symbols.

The Place Value Game

Use a deck of playing cards to practice place value and other math concepts with your second grader!

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