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Color the Passover Seder Plate

This page is both informative and fun to color--a double whammy! Whether your second grader's Jewish or not, you can help her learn all about the Seder plate.

Passover Seder

Review important traditions and talk about new ones with your little one while you set up a play food seder.

Passover Traditions: Afikomen

Help your child learn more about the Passover tradition of the afikomen, the last thing eaten at a Seder dinner for Passover.

Passover Traditions: The Seder

Help your child learn about the traditional Passover meal, the Seder.

Social Studies: Learn About Passover

Help your child broaden his cultural horizons with this page about Passover.

Passover Traditions: Tzedakah

Learn more about the tradition of tzedakah, the practice of giving to charities around Passover.

Color the Seder Plate

Help your child learn more about the traditions of Passover with this coloring page of a typical Seder plate.

Passover Coloring Page

Help your child learn about the traditional Passover meal with this page that shows all the ceremonial foods.

The Story of Passover

Read all about the story of passover with this coloring sheet, and color in the pharaoh when you are finished!

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