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Sneaky Sneaky

Are you sneaky, sneaky? You'll have to be when your play this fun game involving squirt guns and blindfolds that'll test your child's stealth.

Fill Your Bucket

Combat summer boredom with this easy and fun game. Race against each other to see who can fill their bucket the fastest using leaky cups!

Play Water Freeze Tag

This twist on the classic game of freeze tag spells fun for your fourth grader--and the whole family!

Make a Splash with a Sponge Toss Relay

Have a splash of a time with this exciting pool competition. Just grab a sponge, head to the pool, and you're ready to have a Sponge Relay Race!

Wet Clothes Relay

Cool down this summer with a wet clothes relay, and get the whole family involved for some real summer fun!

Steal the Bacon

Are you looking for a fun pool game that doesn't require a lot of heavy accessories? Try Steal the Bacon, a creative form of tag your child is sure to love.

Pop-Up Greeting Card

Get creative with your homemade cards! Your child can create a pop up card of themselves for someone special.

Make Your Own Picture Frame

Make your own picture frame! Show your fourth grader how to construct the an adorable, decorative picture frame for her favorite photo.

Three Kinds of Colonial Cornbread

Explore Pilgrim foodways with three heritage cornbread recipes.

Sew a Colorful Amish Potholder

Enhance fourth-grade measurement making skills and social studies learning with this stitching project.

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