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Symmetrical Shapes

Teach your child the difference between "symmetrical" and "asymmetrical" with this super shapes worksheet.

Symmetry: Complete the Shape 3

Kids learn about symmetry in this fun 2nd grade geometry worksheet by drawing the other half of each picture to make a symmetrical shape.

Symmetry: Complete the Shape 2

This 2nd grade geometry worksheet helps kids grasp the concept of symmetry by asking them to complete the other half of a symmetrical shape.

Penguin Axis of Symmetry

Introduce your child to tthe concept of symmetry with this fun and fluffy penguin.

Learning Symmetry: Owl

Kids can complete this drawing of an adorable owl by using the grid provided, and cultivate early geometry skills at the same time.


Geometry's a snap when you practice with an art project! Introduce your child to advanced mathematical concepts like shape and symmetry with a butterfly.

Frog Line of Symmetry Sketching

Using a line of symmetry to symmetry worksheet is a great way for your budding student to practice the basics of geometry and working with grids.

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