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Time 2 Tell Time 9

Your second grader will be telling time in no time with this fun worksheet! She is asked to decipher the time expressed on each clock image.

Telling Time with Belated Billy

Flex your time muscles by practicing telling time on the quarter hour.

Telling Time: On the Half Hour

Tackle telling time on the half hour with this handy worksheet.

Calculate Elapsed Time

Boost your second grader's time savvy with a lesson in elapsed time.

Telling Time: One-Minute Intervals

Test your second grader's time skills by challenging him to connect each written time to the clock that matches.

Time 2 Tell Time 10

Provide your second grader with a little at-home time telling practice with this adorable worksheet!

Tell the Time! 1

For this second grade math worksheet, kids look at each analog clock, determine the time, and write the time in the space provided.

Time 2 Tell Time 11

Help your second grader get adjusted to the magic of telling time with this charming worksheet!

Time 2 Tell Time 12

Introduce your second grader to the mysterious new world of reading clocks with this colorful and informative worksheet!

Time 2 Tell Time 15

Provide your child with an at-home time telling lesson with this fun and informative worksheet!

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