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Time 2 Tell Time 13

This charming worksheet will get your second grader to refine their clock-reading skills and have a great time in the process!

Telling the Time Made Easy!

Telling the time is made easy in this worksheet with six clocks all displaying different times. Read the clock and write the time in the space provided.

Telling Time: What Time Is It?

For this second grade math worksheet, kids look at each analog clock, determine the time, and draw a line to connect the clock with the digital time.

Practice Test: Telling Time

From reading a clock to adding time, this quick quiz covers a variety of second grade time concepts.

Rotary Clock Practice

Help your child practice his time telling with this printable first grade worksheet, which focuses on quarter hours.

Telling Time with Ricky Racer

Kids help Ricky the Racer keep time by counting by 5 and filling in the five-minute intervals around the clock.

Telling Time: Five Minutes

Telling time can be tough, but with the help of this easy worksheet, it can be a breeze!

Telling Time to Five Minutes

Kids practice telling time to five minutes by reading the clocks and writing the time in digital form.

Telling Time: My Day

Kids draw hands on the clocks to show the time they do things each day, from eating breakfast in the morning to watching TV at night.

Telling Time with Punctual Pete

Kids help Pete the Elephant learn how to tell time by marking the time shown on each clock.

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