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Time 2 Tell Time 5

Ask your second grader to determine the time that is set on each clock and jot down the written time below each image.

Clock Work #7

It's time for some time-telling learning! Help your child practice reading a clock with this worksheet.

Hour Hand

These clocks are missing their hands. Can your first grader fix the problem by drawing new hands on the clocks?

Time 2 Tell Time 6

Help your second graders feel independent by learning how to read clocks on their own! This printable asks students to circle the correct written time for each clock.

Be on Time

These busy bees need some help getting their honey delivered in time.

Telling Time to Five Minutes: Draw the Time

Kids practice telling time by drawing hands on the clocks to match the times given.

Learning to Tell Time: Quarter Hour

Kids test their time savvy by drawing hands on the clock to show the quarter hour given.

Time On Your Side #9

Become a master of time with this ticking worksheet! Your child will practice telling time down to the exact minute.

Time 2 Tell Time 8

Use this worksheet to help your second grader review the function of each component of a clock and read the times expressed in each image.

Telling Time: Tick-tock

For this first grade math worksheet, kids look at each analog clock, determine the time, and write the time in the spaces provided.

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