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Gopher State

This fun printable, featuring Minnesota, is a great way to combine social studies learning with coloring time.

Minnesota Fun Facts

The next road trip needs brain teasers like these, with great U.S. state sights, facts and a word search on every geography worksheet!

Trace the Outline of Minnesota

This coloring sheet will introduce your child the state of Minnesota by letter her trace the outline of the state, the color it in.

Minnesota State Capital

Here's a way to memorize the Minnesota state capital! Using the words you want to remember to draw a silly picture is one way to do it.

Minnesota State Bird

Your budding ornithologist can learn about Minnesota's state bird, the loon, with this coloring page.

Minnesota State Flower

Is the state flower of Minnesota a flower or a shoe? With a name like pink and white lady's slipper, it can be hard to tell!

Minnesota State Flag

Color a state flag with this coloring page featuring the state of Minnesota! Your child can read a fun fact about the symbols on this flag as she colors.

Minnesota Geography

A do-it-yourself map of Minnesota, aimed at 5th graders. Helps students master their state capitals, geography, and graphing skills.

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