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Fact or Opinion? #4

Get your facts straight with this basic logic worksheet! Your child can practice telling the difference between facts and opinions.

Fact or Opinion? #2

Can you tell the difference between fact and opinion? Give your student a hand with basic logic, and help her decide what kinds of statements these are.

Fact or Opinion? #1

Learn the difference between fact and opinion! Your child will build basic logic skills as she decides which statements are facts and which are not.

Fact or Opinion? #3

Sort out your facts with this comprehension exercise! Kids will learn to tell the difference between facts and opinions as they read each statement.

Fact or Opinion? #5

A fact is a true statement, while an opinion is just someone's personal view. Learn to tell the difference with this worksheet on facts and opinions!

Vocabulary Practice: Choose the Definition

Test your third grader's vocabulary with this nifty practice test that quizzes her on word definitions

An Opposite Across

Looking for a worksheet to help you child work with antonyms? This printable is perfect for those who need help with their vocabulary.

Opposites Crossword: What's the Antonym?

On this third grade reading worksheet, each crossword puzzle clue is a sentence with a highlighted word. Kids write the antonym of the word in the puzzle.

Find the Synonym

Get some synonym practice with this handy worksheet that asks kids to choose the synonym for each word in bold.

Synonyms are Fun

Each sentence on this third grade reading worksheet has a highlighted word, and kids write in a synonym for the word to complete the sentence.

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