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Synonyms for Home

How many words can you think of that mean "home"? Your fourth grader will learn 24 words that will add accuracy and intrigue to his writing.

Synonyms for Pretty

Vocabulary building is important at any age. With this worksheet, your child will learn 24 synonyms for pretty, and get to practice them.

Synonyms for Girl

Improving vocabulary is an important step to improve writing and reading comprehension. Help your child learn to use synonyms with this practice sheet.

Synonyms for Friend

Does your son have a chum, comrade, or confidant? These are all another way to say "friend"! He'll expand his vocabulary as he practices using synonyms.

Synonyms for Store

Can you think of a better word to use instead of "store"? Your student will expand his vocabulary by exploring different word choices, or synonyms.

Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheet

Try this synonyms worksheet with your third grader. This synonyms worksheet gets your child to find words with the same meanings.

Synonyms for Boy

When is it appropriate to say "dude" or "gentleman" instead of "boy?" Explore the subtleties of synonyms with this vocabulary worksheet.

Synonyms for Smart

You know your child is smart, but is she brilliant, shrewd and rescourceful? With this worksheet, she'll learn 24 synonyms for the word "smart."

Synonyms for Bad

With this worksheet, your fourth grader will learn 28 synonyms for bad, plus practice grammar and his new words.

Synonyms for Happy

Young writers can learn to use better adjectives with this vocabulary building worksheet. He'll discover 24 synonyms for the word "happy."

Synonyms for Funny

Not all synonyms are created equal; can your child recognize slight differences in meaning of some of these 24 synonyms for funny?

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