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Fun Halloween Printables

Spooky, scary, but mostly FUN Halloween coloring pages, worksheets, and printable games. Great for preschool through first grade.
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Halloween Photo Props

Get in the spirit of Halloween with some fun holiday photo props! Your child will love coloring and creating her own props.

“So cute, with just the right amount of silly!”
Pumpkin Life Cycle

Explore the life cycle of a pumpkin with your kids with this colorful cut and paste growth chart.

“Great way to combine Halloween and science!”
Spooky Mansion Coloring Page

This haunted house coloring page is home to all manner of frights, from ghouls to ghosts to undead bats. Try this haunted house coloring page this Halloween.

“I wouldn't want to see who's hangin' in this spooky mansion!”
Color the Crazy Jack-o'-Lanterns

Here's a trio of crazy jack-o'-lanterns that's guaranteed to get your child ready for some Halloween fun.

“Love the style of this coloring page.”
9 Ways to Get Kids to Love Vegetables

From getting kids involved in the kitchen to sneaking in pureed carrots, here are 9 ways to encourage kids to eat and enjoy their vegetables.

“Surprising tip: Give vegetables funny names to make them more attractive to kids!”
Halloween Board Game

This Halloween board game is extra special. In this Halloween board game, kids not only get to play the game, they also get to color it in.

“Great seasonal "board" game -- and you don't need to buy it!”
Halloween Color-by-Number

This Halloween color-by-number worksheet has a spooky hidden picture. Color this Halloween color-by-number to find out what's hiding in the numbers.

“A little math, a little coloring, and a little mystery. Perfect combo!”
Printable Board Game: Halloween Match-Up

Here's a simple Halloween card game that you can print out at home.

“Another great (cheap) game!”
Halloween Banner!

This Halloween banner is the perfect decoration for your next Halloween party. Make a Halloween banner with this easy printable.

“Color and create a banner that screams HALLOWEEN!”
Halloween Mandala

This mandala coloring sheet features Halloween staples that kids love to color.

“Post-coloring, this makes a great decoration!”
Play Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe Bingo

Instead of lettered columns, players must black out three in a row in order to score. What's the prize? Candy, of course!

“More interesting than typical Tic-Tac-Toe.”

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