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11 Parenting "Secrets" You Should Know

Parental advice is often all too obvious, but these tips surprised me!
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Is My Child Dyslexic? 9 Warning Signs

Are you worried that your child is suffering from dyslexia? Here are some red flags to look for.

9 Ways to Get Kids to Love Vegetables

From getting kids involved in the kitchen to sneaking in pureed carrots, here are 9 ways to encourage kids to eat and enjoy their vegetables.

“Surprising tip: Give vegetables funny names to make them more attractive to kids!”
Attention Parents: Your Emotions Are Contagious

Is it really possible that a mom's bad mood can rub off on her kid? Research says yes.

“Surprising tip: To minimize kids' worries, let your kids know when you're feeling stressed... and that it has nothing to do with them. Kids can "catch" your emotions.”
Can Innovation be Taught?

According to a recent report, most teens feel unprepared for careers in technology and engineering. Here's how you can help.

“Surprising tip: Say the word "research" to a kid, and you're likely to get a yawn, but calling it a "fact-finding mission"? Much better.”
Picky Eating Solution: 8 Ways to Help Your Child Eat Healthier

Picky eating is a common childhood problem, but parents have the power to change their child's fussy attitude toward food. Check out tips on how to help.

“Surprising tip: Create healthier versions of favorite unhealthy foods! For example, substitute in one piece of wheat bread for white in PB & J's.”
Tips for Parenting a Competitive Child

These four tips can help you head off hyper-competitiveness and teach your kids to strive for success in a healthy, positive way.

“Surprising parenting tip: Celebrate specific things your kid does well without pitting him against others. "You did a great job making eye contact!" is better than "You were the best singer on stage!"”
Organizing for Boys: What Parents Need to Know

Parents see it, and experts agree: many, many middle school boys have a terrible time staying organized. Try these tips for staying sane.

“Surprising parenting tip: When setting academic goals, focus more on process (like keeping an organized planner) than results (like getting straight A's).”
The Science of Tantrums

There is new scientific data on temper tantrums that can help put parents back in control.

“Surprising tip: During a tantrum, avoid asking questions. You may feel like you're being empathetic, but you're probably actually prolonging the anger.”
When Your Child Says No to College

Here are a list of options to consider when your child decides not to attend college.

“Surprising tip: Be open to alternatives. Sending a kid with no interest to college is like sending a kid who’s not feeling hungry to an all-you-can-eat buffet… a waste.”
9 Reasons to Let Your Kids Lose

Find out why letting your kids lose could be one of the best things you could do to foster the healthy development of their social skills.

“Surprising tip: Losing helps kids develop empathy. Kids can't identify with others who are going through a loss if they've never had that experience.”
Picky Eating May Be Inherited From Parents

Wondering why even the most appealing meals get the thumbs-down from your little diner? It might have more to do with your genes than your culinary skills, a

“Surprising tip: Reel in the junk food, but don't ban it all together. Forbidding foods makes kids crave them even more!”

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