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Add and Subtract to Find the Magic Word

The wizard has a secret message, but to unlock the code your first grader must do some addition and subtraction problems.

Add All Three: Adding Three Numbers

If your child is looking for a number challenge, we've got the worksheet for her. She may be a whiz at adding two numbers, but can she add three numbers?

Math Card Game: Tidy Sum

Practice finding sums of ten with your first grader using a deck of playing cards and this math worksheet.

Add and Color: Forest

Your first grader will love practicing his math facts with this addition coloring sheet.

Add and Color: Flowers

This is a coloring page with a twist! Challenge your first grader to solve all the addition equations before he colors the picture.

Color by Sum: Under the Waves

Featuring simple addition problems and adorable sea creatures, this color by sum sheet is sure to entertain your child as he gets essential math practice.

Play Dice Coin Counting!

Your first grader will have a blast with this ultra-fun dice activity--and will practice her knowledge of coins and addition in the process!

Math Maze

This double-whammy of an activity will have kids eager to add!

Addition with Carrying 24

This worksheet with help your second grader practice addition with carrying.

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