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Weather Science Fair

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Statistical Frequency Of Red Light Running: A Comparative Study

The purpose of this science fair project is to show a high incidence of drivers running through red and yellow traffic lights.

Geography, Latitude, and the North Star: Where Am I?

Find the North Star, and measure your latitude! The purpose of this science fair project is to find latitude and learn about geographic locations.

Instant Flies: Can Worms Grow From Decaying Bananas?

Where do flies come from? Can flies grow from a brown decaying bananas? Do this free science fair project and see if flies grow from bananas.

Grass Turning Yellow: Chlorosis

Here is a cool and easy science project to determine the rate of chlorophyll breaks down and how it affects the color change of grass from green to yellow.

How to Separate Salt from Water

In this free science fair project, learn how to separate salt from water using heat. A great science project for elementary school kids.

Indicators: How do Scientists Gather Clues to Climates of the Past?

In this free science fair project idea, we learn about how scientists use indicators to predict the earth's climate and geology many years ago.

Dripstones: What are Stalactites and Stalagmites?

In this free science fair project, explore how dripstones are form in cave. Use for more science fair project ideas!

Sun Print: How Solar Energy Creates Chemical Changes

In this science fair project, we'll explore how blocking the sun's light can stop those can stop photosensitive paper from changing color.

Splitters: How Can Seeds Break Rocks Apart?

In this free science fair project, experiment and explore how small seeds can break rocks apart. Use for more free science fair projects!

Windy: How Can the Speed of Wind be Measured?

How do you measure the speed of wind? It's measured using an anemometer. This free science project will teach you how to make an anemometer.

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