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Weather Science Fair

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Light Absorption and Color Filters

Learn about where colors come from and how light absorption works in this fun experiment! All you need is a flashlight, construction paper, and cellophane!

Racing Against Sound: Doppler Effect

Check out this fun science fair project idea for advance middle and high school students on how the frequency of a sound is affected by the Doppler effect.

The Greenhouse Effect

In this science project, you will demonstrate the greenhouse effect and you will discover how materials of the Earth's surface affect the greenhouse effect.

Barometric Changes

In this science fair project, learn how to make a barometer to measure and compare atmospheric pressure in different places at different times.

What Section of a Town Has the Most Pollution in the Form of Airborne Particles

This science fair project idea determines which section of any given town contains the most airborne particles as pollution.

Flying in the Wind: Is the Wind Stronger Above the Ground?

Does wind speed vary at ground level in comparison to 30 or 40 feet off the ground? Test your knowledge and you decide!

Building a Cloud Chamber: Why Muons Should Not Be There

Get a cool physics science fair project idea for advance middle school and high school students on how to build a cloud chamber to make cosmic rays visible.

Soil Temperature & Global Warming

Measure soil temperature as a function of depth in the ground, and look for evidence of global warming responses in data.

Order in Chaos

This experiment will explore if a randomly iterated algorithm will result in a pattern.

Can the Life Span of a Bubble be Extended in Different Temperatures and Atmospheric Conditions?

Kids make strong bubbles to investigate the effect different additives have on bubble life in this cool science fair project idea.

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