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Weather Science Fair

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Earthquakes: What Can We Learn from History?

This science project examines the history of earthquakes and what we can do to prevent future disasters.

What is Climate Change?

Analyze temperature and precipitation data to determine whether current weather conditions are outside the historical norm.

Determining if pH Increases as Standing Rainwater Evaporates

The purpose of this project is to examine whether rainwater becomes more acidic as it evaporates. Does less water make more acidity?

Shape of the Earth: What If?

What if the shape of the Earth weren't spherical? How does its shape affect our gravity, climate, and tides? Model these questions in this cool project!

Do It Yourself Weather!

This science project challenges students to take learned information about weather and climate control and apply it to larger issues like global warming.

Do We Need Heat for Solar Power?

Is temperature a requirement for solar energy uses? This project tests this theory and examines the amount of usable sunlight for solar-energy applications.

Gravity of Minerals

In this science fair project, you will learn a method to determine the specific gravity of minerals. Use for free science fair project ideas!

Topography: Highs and Lows of the Earth's Surface

Get free science fair project ideas for middle school and high school students that cover topics in earth science.

Can Limestone Be Used to Protect Pine Trees from Acid Rain?

Limestone is typically used to enrich soil in order to enhance the growth of grass and shrubbery. Can is also protect pine trees from acid rain?

Effect of Acid Rain on Dissolved Oxygen Concentration

Use a fish tank to simulate a pond! This science fair project explores the relationship between acid rain and the dissolved oxygen concentration of water.

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