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Weather Science Fair

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The Cooling Effect of Wind

Explore how wind is produced and get a demonstration on the cooling effect of wind in this breezy science fair project idea.

Highs and Lows: How Can Low Air Pressure be Determined?

A barometer measures air pressure. Learn how to make a barometer in this free science fair project. A great project for elementary students.

Rainy: How Do Raindrops Begin?

When there are dark clouds, rain is expected but how do raindrops begin? Do this free science fair project and explore the formation of raindrops.

Dirty Air

This science fair project idea's objective is to understand the concept of air pollution and examine the quality of air in our environments.

How to Make A Thermometer

Kids will learn how to make a thermometer to to explore liquid density in this great science fair project. Which liquids are affected by temperature the most?

Deciduous Forest Animals

In this fun science fair project idea get info on hibernation and explore how animals survive extreme weathers by adapting to seasonal climate changes.

Moon Mapping: What Changes, If Any, Occur in the Moon's Apparent Shape From Day to Day?

Find this fun science fair project idea for elementary school students explaining the reasons for the Moon's apparent change in shape from day to day.

Stormy: What is the Eye of a Hurricane?

Step by step free science fair project idea for you to explore the center of the hurricane and why the eye of the hurricane is motionless.

Zap!: What Happens When Static Electricity is Discharged?

What happens when static electricity is discharged? In this free science fair project, explore some sparks when electrons are discharged.

Diggers: What Kinds of Insects Live in Soil?

What kinds of insects live in soil? Find out with this fun science fair project! Use to find free science fair project ideas!

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