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Weather Science Fair

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Warm-Blooded: How Is Water Used to Lower an Animal’s Body Temperature?

In this free science fair project idea we learn how warm blooded mammals keep their body temperature warm.

Temperature, Air Humidity and Static Electricity

What's the relationship between temperature, air humidity and static electricity? Kids will find out with this free static electricity science fair project.

Twister: What is the Shape of a Tornado?

Complete this free science fair project using plastic bottles, duct tape, and water and explore the formation and shape of tornadoes.

What Causes Dew?

In this simple science project, learn about what causes dew and what affects dew formation with a drinking glass, ice, and a soda bottle.

Specific Heat of Water vs. Specific Heat of Sand

What heats up fasterâwater or soil? 5th grade students test the specific heat of water against the specific heat of sand in this great science fair project.

How Does Frost Form?

How does frost form? How fast does it form? Do this simple science project using a plastic glass, rock salt and some water to learn about deposition.

How Do Weather Conditions Affect How Fast a Puddle Evaporates?

In this science fair project, kids measure how weather conditions affect how fast a puddle evaporates.

Changed: How Does Oxygen Weather a Rock?

In this free science fair project, learn how oxygen changes rock into an orange or reddish brown colors. Use for science fair project ideas!

Meteorologist for a Day

This experiment challenges students to forecast the weather based on the surrounding areas' weather.

Fronts: What are Fronts?

What are fronts? Do this free science project using cooking oil, and some water and see how and why fronts are formed. A great project for elementary students.

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