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Weather Science Fair

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Cloud Maker: How Does a Cloud Form?

How does cloud form and what causes its formation? Do this free science fair project and see how and why clouds form. Great project for elementary students.

Hairy: How Does Hair Keep Animals Warm?

In this free science free project, let's experiment on why and how hair keep animals warm in the cold weather. A great project for elementary kids.

Up and Down: How Can You Make a Model of a Fahrenheit Thermometer?

Let's make a model of a fahrenheit thermometer! Do this free science fair project and make a thermometer and explore how temperature affects thermometer.

Blue Sky: How do Particles in the Atmosphere Cause the Sky to Look Blue and the Sun to Look Yellow?

Why does the sky look blue? Why does the sun look yellow? Do this free science fair project and find out why. A great science project for elementary students.

Straight On!: How Does the Curved Shape of the Earth Affect the Climate Throughout the World?

How does the curved shape of the earth affect the world's climate? In this free science fair project, you can find why. A great science project for kids.

The Hydrologic Cycle

In this science fair project, learn how to model the hydrologic cycle, the continuous interchange of water between the oceans, land, plants, and clouds.

The Hydrologic Cycle: The Movement of Water from Place to Place

In this free science fair project idea, we model the hydrologic cycle of water movement.

Super Coooool Snow

Check out this super cooool science project idea to have fun with snow and explore what it contains and how it is formed in highland tundra.

The Effect of Ambient Temperature on the Ability to Rock and Roll

This science fair project idea measures physical dexterity as a function of temperature.

Where Are All the Nitrates Coming From?

This project researches where the nitrates in the stream Gravel Run are coming from.

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