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Weather Science Fair

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Water Cycle

In this science fair project, you will model the water cycle and learn about evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.


A satellite is a body that orbits a celestial body. In this science fair project, find out why satellites orbit Earth.

Effect of Changes in Air Pressure on Wind Velocity

Here is a fun science project for middle school students about Pressure Gradient Force and how different temperatures, pressures and velocity are correlated.

Evaluating Peak Load and Noise Pollution in Different Types of Asphalt

This science fair project determines if noise pollution from tire contact may be reduced by the use of different types of road surfaces.

Developing a Water Quality Model

The projects describes the correlation between Gravel Run and Centreville Landing in terms of pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and temperature.

Can't Do a Thing with Your Hair? Think Again!

What can you do with hair after its cut? This science project teaches you practical uses for human hair.

Go with the Flow: Why are Lighthouses Round?

Lighthouses are built to stand the test of wind! The goal of this project is to test cylindrically shaped items.

House Hunting: What a Bluebird Looks For in a Home

This science project attempts to answer the question, "What are the elements of a bluebird's habitat?"

Greenhouse Effect: Does the Physical Characteristics of Surface Materials Affect Climate?

Fun and easy science fair project for middle school students on Greenhouse effect and how the physical characteristics of surface materials affect climate.


In this science fair project, you will learn how to determine how much air is in snow. Use to find fun and free science fair project ideas!

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