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Weather Science Fair

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Weather Phenomena: Formation of Clounds, Dew and Frost

Check out this fun middle school science fair project idea on weather phenomena like formation of clouds, dew and frost and laws determining behavior of gases.

Rain Forests and High Humidity: How to Measure Relative Humidity?

Explore fun facts about tropical rain forests and learn how to measure relative humidity in this cool science fair project idea.

Rain, Snow and More: Phases of Atmospheric Water

In this free science fair project idea, we learn about different forms of precipitation, such as snow, snowflakes and rain, and why they occur.

Hygrometers: Ways to Measure the Atmosphere's Water Content

In this free science fair project idea, we learn about how to calculate the humidity, or water vapor, in the air by constructing a hygrometer.

Atmospheric Energy: Unequal Heating by the Earth's Surface

In this free science fair project idea, we learn why areas closer to the equator are hotter than areas farther away from the equator.

Making Clouds: How to Make a Water Cycle Model

Kids will love making clouds and learning how to make a water cycle model in this fun science fair project idea that explores evaporation and precipitation.

Wind Speeds

In this science fair project, learn how to make a "windometer" to compare wind speeds. Use to find fun and free science fair project ideas!

How to Make a Hygrometer: Sling Psychrometer

Learn how to make a hygrometer to measure relative humidity in this project. Make a sling psychrometer hygrometer with gauze, thermometers, and a bottle.

Measuring Raindrops

What does a raindrop look like when it splashes on the ground? Is each raindrop unique like snowflakes? Find out how raindrop size varies in this experiment.


In this science fair project, you will determine how water affects a pinecone. Use to find free and fun science fair project ideas!

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