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Kindergarten and Gr One Ideas

interesting activities for k/1 programs
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Play Punctuation Red Light, Green Light

With nothing more than a flat open space and some lively kids, you can reinforce key concepts of punctuation while having lots of healthy laughs.

Play Post-It Bingo!

New readers need to develop a "bank" of words they can read by sight. Hate flashcards? Consider this fresh way to practice sight words to perfection...Bingo!

Guessing Game: Good and Bad

This zany guessing game asks your first grader to tap into her deductive reasoning skills to guess an activity or object.

Play Letter-Sound Hopscotch!

Play hopscotch with numbers, but also with letters, to get kids ready for first grade reading.

Sight Word Island Hopping!

All you need is chalk and pavement to set up this silly, fun, and practical game that reinforces important first grade vocabulary.

Learn Sight Words with a Water Game!

Try this fun outdoor game to improve your first grader's reading skills. This activity is perfect for summer!

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