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Acute Triangle: Find the Missing Base

Get your fifth grader involved in some geometry detective work! With a little practice, it's easy to find the missing base in a series of triangles.

Obtuse Triangle: Find the Missing Base

Get your fifth grader involved in some geometry detective work!This fun practice worksheet will teach him how to find the base of a group of triangles.

Find the Surface Area: Cube

Once your fifth grader has mastered the basics, it's time to start finding the surface areas of 3-D shapes--like cubes.

Finding the Area of a Triangle

Practice calculating the area of triangles with this worksheet. Your child will use basic multiplication and division skills to find the area of each triangle.

Coordinate Plane

This coordinate plane worksheet challenges budding mathematicians to find coordinates and translate shapes. Try our coordinate plane worksheet with your kid.

Surface Area Smackdown: Round 4

Your child will use his geometry skills to find the surface area of each box, and the one with the most surface area wins!

Surface Area Smackdown: Round 3

Your child will determine the winner of each boxing match by figuring out which box has the most surface area.

Surface Area Smackdown: Round 1

Make surface area fun with this "boxing" match worksheet. Each box has a different surface area, and the biggest box is the winner!

Aye, Aye, Area: #4

On this worksheet, your child willl need to use his triangle knowledge to find the areas of the sails on the sailboat.

Aye, Aye, Area: #2

Take your child's geometry practice to the seas! Can your child use his triangle knowledge to find the area of the sail on this sailboat?

Surface Area Smackdown: Round 5

Your child will get essential geometry practice as she works to find the surface area of each box and determine who wins each match.

Graphing Ordered Pairs #2

Build some important geometry skills with this fun graphing activity. Your middle schooler will practice plotting points on a graph.

Circumference and Area of a Circle

Work up an appetite for geometry! With this pizza circle sheet, your student will practice finding the radius, diameter, circumference and area of a circle.

Graphing Ordered Pairs

Practice graphing ordered pairs by placing their points on a graph using both the negative and positive side of the graph.

Plotting Ordered Pairs

Welcome to the world of the x- and y-axis. Your student will get practice finding points on a coordinate plane.

Ordered Pairs

Practice identifying and graphing positive ordered pairs on a grid. This is a good introduction to coordinate planes.

Pythagorean Theorem Practice

Get a grip on geometry with a Pythagorean Theorem practice sheet! Review knowledge of different types of triangles, and practice using this important formula.

Area and Circumference of a Circle

Put your geometry skills to the test by figuring out the area, circumference, diameter and radii of these delicious cookies!

Complementary Angles

Get to know your complementary angles with this helpful practice sheet! Remember, complementary angles add up to make 90 degrees.

Supplementary Angles

Master your knowledge of supplementary angles with this geometry practice sheet! Remember that supplementary angles add up to make 180 degrees.

Parallel Lines Cut By A Transversal

Get your lines and angles straight with this geometry practice page! Students will get plenty of practice understanding parallel lines.

Complementary and Supplementary Angles

Get an grip on geometry with this helpful worksheet! Your student will learn the difference between complementary and supplementary angles.

Triangle Angles

Get an angle on triangles with a geometry practice sheet! Find the missing angles in these triangles by solving for x.

Properties of Parallelograms

Put your child's knowledge of parallelograms to the test. He'll build geometry skills by figuring out the missing angles of these parallelograms.

Coordinate Grid Graphing

Help your middle schooler learn some graphing basics with an introduction to the coordinate plane and ordered pairs.

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