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German Traditional Clothing Coloring Page

A coloring sheet for 1st graders about people from around the world. This is a picture of a German boy in traditional clothing.

Make Your Own Kente Cloth

Celebrate Black History Month by having your child make her own version of a kente cloth after learning what the different colors on a kente cloth symbolize.

Chinese Lanterns

During Chinese New Year festivities, you see lanterns everywhere. Your child can make her very own red and gold lanterns to display at home.

Craft a Mini Totem Pole

Give your child an American history lesson as you create a colorful mini totem pole!

Korean Paper Fans

Make a Korean paper fan! This activity is a great way to help your child explore different cultures while she builds her fine motor and arts and crafts skills.

Create Aboriginal Handprint Art

Teach your child about the art of ancient Australia by creating your own handprint art just like Aboriginal artists did thousands of years ago.

Ojo de Dios

Give your second-grader insight into the Huichol culture of Mexico with this arts and craft activity by creating an ojo de Dios (eye of God), or yarn weaving.

Architecture of Asia: Build a Pagoda

Learn about the architecture of Asia by building your very own model of a pagoda!

Onion Dome

Few architectural features are as recognizable as the Russian onion dome. In this project, your kid will recreate the striking beauty of this roof-top marvel.

African Collar Necklace

Make this African collar necklace for a lesson in crafting and African culture.

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