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Science Fair 2012-2013 Ideas

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Which Type of Wood Resists Water Absorption the Best in a Natural State and With Surface Coatings

This science fair project tests a variety of different woods for their water absorption rates.

A Fishy Memory

Hypothesize goldfish ability to display long term memory based on your experience training the fish. Evaluate the abilities of goldfish to succeed at tasks.

Evaluating Gender Differences in Sound Perception

This experiment investigates whether there are certain sounds that affect men and women differently

Face Recognition and Race

This project explores if people more easily distinguish between faces of people of their own race or ethnicity compared to those of other races or ethnicities.

Do Subliminal Messages Work?

In this experiment, students create music with subliminal messaging to try to influence people's decision-making.

Comparing Leaf Size and Shape

Science fair project that compares tree leaf size and shape based on the leaf's position in the tree. Is their is a noticeable difference between high and low?

Does Chewing Gum Help You Concentrate?

This project investigates whether chewing gum can help a majority of people with focus and concentration.

How Much Can Be Communicated Through Touch?

This project explores how well couples convey complex emotions such as envy and pride to one another solely through the sense of touch.

Colors That Make You Hungry

In this science fair project, students investigate how different colors influence appetite.

Are Cell Phone Conversations More Distracting than Normal Conversations?

This experiment explores how listening in to a one-sided conversation affects concentration.

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