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Flower Embossing

Help your first grader emboss his own design reminiscent of Middle Ages metalwork. Using foil and a wooden stylus, he'll create pretty springtime flower images.

Paper Sailboat

Bring a swell of high sea adventure to your own living room with this quick and easy paper sailboat craft!

Recreate van Gogh's Starry Night

Your child can learn more about Vincent van Gogh's influential style of painting by creating an homage to Starry Night, one his most beloved paintings.

Flower Greeting Cards

Give Hallmark a run for its money with these handmade printed cards.

Paint a Still Life in Primary Colors

Kids will love painting shapes of objects in a still life while using strong colors showing highlights and shadows.

Create a Two-Sided Opposites Painting

Transform a single sheet of card stock into a double-sided painting of opposites: on one side, a bright daytime landscape, on the other, a dusky evening scene.

Create Changing Leaves Scratch Art

Study science with your first grader in this arts and crafts activity that models the reason why fall leaves change color with some paint and crayons.

Sponge Art

Add a flourish of flowers to your dining table with simple and creative sponge art!

Create a Fish Art Print!

The fish most kids see is usually filleted, and it's hard to see how it came from a lake or sea. This cool gyotaku activity blends life science with art!

Art Supply Box

Allow your first grader to get his artwork outdoors this summer by letting him create a garden art box for his arts and crafts supplies.

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