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Patterns: Animal Parade

The animals on this prekindergarten math worksheet appear in patterns. Kids study each pattern to determine which animal should come next.

Find the Pairs: Monkeys

These monkeys are two of a kind! Use this colorful worksheet to help your child recognize pairs, and learn a little more about counting and numbers.

Preschool Math: Inside and Outside

Preschoolers learn the difference between inside and outside on this colorful worksheet featuring monkeys, dogs, and a friendly cab driver.

Play Subtraction "War"

Play this "subtraction war" card game with your second grader and watch his math facts mastery leap forward!

Multiples of 10

Trying to find sums of groups of multiples is a great way to practice your addition. Be sure to double check your work. If you clear all of the cards, you win!

Risky Math

Addition has never been much fun as it is with this super-risky, ultra-competitive card game. The player who ends up with the lowest score is the winner!

Close Call: An Addition Card Game

Create addition problems using critical thinking skills in this fun second grade math card game.

Addition War

This fun, addition focused take on the classic card game War is a great way to help your child get a strong hold on addition.

Pyramid Math Card Game

This pyramid card game is a fun way to help your child learn addition and subtraction. Best of all, it√Ęs quick to set up and easy to play.

Math Facts Secret Codes

For most second graders, a good secret code is just about irresistible. Here's one that builds math facts while you're at it!

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