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Jazz Greats: Charles Mingus

Introduce your budding musician to an African-American jazz legend, Charles Mingus! She'll read his mini-bio and answer a few trivia questions.

Jazz Greats: Etta James

Meet Etta James, a legendary African-American singer of soul and jazz. Your little musician can read a mini-bio and answer some trivia.

History in the Kitchen: Civil War Cornbread

Give your child a taste of life in Civil War era America by mixing up a batch of old-fashioned cornbread, adapted from a 19th century recipe.

Civil War Hardtack

Have you ever taken a bag of snacks with you on a road trip? If you lived in the 19th century, you might have taken hardtack instead.

Lewis and Clark Coloring Page

Want to introduce important history in a fun way? Try this Lewis and Clark coloring page for your adventure-loving kid!

History Paper Dolls: Civil War Soldiers

Make learning history fun with these paper dolls, representing soldiers from the Civil War.

National Landmarks: The Alamo

Does your kid know in which state the Alamo, the site of a famous 1836 battle, is located? Test your kid's history and geography knowledge with this worksheet.

Coit Tower Coloring Page

This Coit Tower coloring page focuses on the San Francisco landmark. Color the picture of one of the most recognizable structures in the city!

History of Los Angeles

Did you know there are over 2,400 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Teach your child about the history of Los Angeles with this fun worksheet.

Presidio of San Francisco

For those of you studying California history, here's a great history worksheet all about the Presidio of San Francisco!

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