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Oak Tree Coloring Page: Mandala

This oak tree coloring page features a mandala of oak leaves and acorns freshly fallen in the midst of autumn! Add color to help bring this picture to life.

Color a Poinsettias Mandala

It's a plethora of poinsettias, just in time for Christmas!

Stained Glass Mandala

This intricate flower design is fun to color and a great way to give fine motor skills a boost.

Music Mandala

Does your child love music? This mandala coloring page is sure to please.

Poppy Coloring Page

Break out the red-orange'll need it for this poppy coloring page!

Color the Giant Mosasaur

A coloring page of the giant mosasaur, an animal that lived among the dinosaurs in prehistoric times.

Color a Mandala: Pond Life

Inspired by the symmetrical art of the mandala, this pond-life coloring page features fun animals like turtles, frogs, and butterflies.

Fruits and Veggies Mandala #8

This pear, apple, and persimmon mandala just might encourage your child to eat a healthy snack. Add some color to this pear, apple, and persimmon mandala.

Star Mandala

This mandala coloring page features a pretty star design that needs some color to really sparkle.

Lily of the Valley Mandala

This mandala is perfect for kids who are fascinated by flowers, ponder plants or obsess over the outdoors. It features the lily of the valley.

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