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Painting With Watercolor

This project is a great way to explore variations in how to paint using watercolor.

Paint Your Own Petroglyphs

In this unique 5th grade arts and crafts project, your budding artist can imitate ancient rock art by creating his own petroglyphs on sandpaper with crayons.

Blind Contour Drawing

This unique drawing activity gives kids a chance to practice their concentration and focus, and the end result is sure to bring lots of laughs!

DIY Pencil Holder

Get inspired by nature and use recycled materials to create unforgettable pencil holders in time for the back to school season.

Draw an Emotional Self-Portrait

Encourage your child to explore color and its mood-altering effects by creating his own self portrait using only warm or cool colors.

Carve a Cuneiform Cylinder Seal

Travel to ancient Mesopotamia with your kids by carving your own unique cuneiform cylinder seals.

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