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Create a Penny Bookmark!

Celebrate President's Day with a unique bookmark created with two pennies, and take a chance to look at coins bearing the images of U.S. presidents.

Make Geometry Creatures!

Geometric shapes can often be tough to remember. But, with a little bit of art, imagination, and writing, practicing geometry has never been so much fun!

Practice Geometry with Shape Riddles!

Check out this fun and easy-to-play guessing game that will build your child's geometry vocabulary.

4th of July Picnic Caddy

Let your fourth grader contribute to your 4th of July picnic with this creative caddy craft project.

Make an Architecture Shape Collage!

Try this fun and interactive collage activity with your preschooler to teach her the "building blocks" of math and architecture.

Create a Two-Sided Opposites Painting

Transform a single sheet of card stock into a double-sided painting of opposites: on one side, a bright daytime landscape, on the other, a dusky evening scene.

Make Back to School Business Cards!

Looking for a unique arts and crafts activity that gives some writing practice? Help your child make her own back-to-school business cards!

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