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Create Squishy Paint Art

Featuring plenty of good old fashioned squishy, gooey fun without the mess, this compromise of an art project is sure to please little ones and grown-ups alike.

Shapes Puzzle

Here's an innovative math puzzle that you can create with your fourth grade math student.

Wire Sculpture

Your child can twist and turn her way to creating a freestanding wire form! When she's done she can position and display her small statue wherever she wants.

Create a CD Spaceship

Your kid will delight in creating an extraterrestrial vehicle from goods found around the house. There's no telling where her imagination will go!

Recycled Pencil Holder

Your child can re-purpose any used (and cleaned) can into a colorful container to hold Dad's pens and pencils on his desk!

Schedule Mobile

Your fifth grader will gain independence and responsibility as she begins keeping track of her own activities and schedule with an extracurricular mobile.

Make a Picasso Mask

Show your fifth grader how to create a vivid and colorful, Picasso-inspired, 3-D mask.

Carve a Cuneiform Cylinder Seal

Travel to ancient Mesopotamia with your kids by carving your own unique cuneiform cylinder seals.

Create a Collagraph

Kids get creative as they experiment with fabrics and textures to create their very own collagraphs.

Build an Architectural School Model

Get back into school with this exciting architecture exploration! In this craft activity your child will research, draw, and build his own school.

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