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Make a Self Portrait from Nature

Add some fun to arts and crafts by having your child make a self portrait using nature as her palette.

Halloween Witch Hand Puppet

An easy Halloween craft of a witch. Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Make Your Own Ribbon

Make your own ribbon to give gifts that special touch. Enlist your preschooler or kindergartener to help create an extra special holiday ribbon this winter.

Create Line Design Prints

Teach your child how to create lots and lots of line designs by wrapping string around wooden blocks, and using them to create line-filled prints.

Egg Carton Bugs

Use egg cartons to create imaginative spiders the kids will treasure.

Make Mondrian Stained Glass Art

Make vibrant faux stained glass art inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter who explored repeating shapes using the primary colors.

Watermelon Paper Plates

This fun watermelon art project will help your preschooler develop his fine motor skills, number sense and shape recognition.

Make Your Own Picket Puzzle

Does your child love puzzles? In this activity, he'll use craft sticks to design and create an original puzzle of his own!

Scratch Art

Encourage your preschooler's creativity with this exciting art project! Every "scratch art" drawing is unique and colorful!

Make Glue Ornaments for Christmas

Make unique holiday ornaments with this sticky, stringy art project.

Leaf Rubbing

This tactile activity helps kindergarteners learn about texture.

Leaf Tessellations

Your child can emulate M.C. Escher with this hands-on art project for fall and Thanksgiving.

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