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Spiral Paper

Here's a great homemade card idea that supports fine motor skills and creativity in addition to introducing your child to the art of quilling.

Watercolor Butterflies

Your child can use watercolors to paint butterflise and to practice the "wet into wet" technique, an important step in art.

Fish Craft for Kids

This fishy arts and crafts activity combines cutting with lots of bright colors, recycled materials and learning about fish.

Klimt Collage

Take a page from Art Nouveau master Gustav Klimt and compose a shining collage.

Olympic Rings Picture

Prepare for the Olympics by creating a colorful print with your child inspired by the Games' iconic symbol, the Olympic rings.

Make a Snowman Card

Create a wintry seasonal card with a frosty snowman, complete with snow created from a hole-punch

Seascape Art

Help your child celebrate the summer and the sun by making a sandy seascape.

Plastic Bottle Dolls

Recycle bottles of different shapes and sizes to create a group of unique dolls that are as unique as the real people around you!

Sunflower Card

Need another reason to celebrate Thanksgiving? Now kids can create a sunny, textured sunflower card to remember the day!

Outer Space Art

Create an outer space painting with chalk, water and black paper in this art project that explores the solar system.

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