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Counting Money

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Coin Amounts #9

Is your child able to identify the amount of a coin at a glance? Test his knowledge with a fun coin activity.

Coin Amounts #8

Can your child help get the coins back in their correct spot? He'll have to sort out the different coins and identify their values.

Coin Amounts #7

Learning to identify coins can be tricky at first, but with this matching activity your child will be an expert in no time!

Coin Amounts #6

These spilled coins need sorting! See if your child identify the amount of a coin at a glance.

Coin Amounts #5

Need some practice identifying coin amounts? With this worksheet, your child will sort different coins and decide how many cents each one represents.

Coin Amounts #4

Does your child know the value of different coins at a glance? Test his knowledge with a fun coin amounts activity.

Coin Amounts #3

Get your child to start recognizing coins with a fun activity! He'll need to identify the values of different coins.

Coin Amounts #2

Is your first grader learning money values? Test his knowledge of coin amounts with a fun activity.

Coin Amounts #1

Someone spilled money out of the piggy banks! Can your child help re-order them? Challenge his knowledge of coin values with a fun worksheet.

Money Match: Nickels

Help your first grader get acquainted with nickels by counting them up, and writing their value on the line.

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