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Mythical Creatures

Coloring Mythical Creatures Pages
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Color a Centicore

This centicore coloring page features the goat-like creature from European folklore. Use this centicore coloring page to learn about the mythological creature.

Djinn Mythology

This djinn coloring page showcases the mythological spirit from Islamic legend. Try this djinn coloring page in a lesson about mythology from around the world.

Color a Jackalope!

This jackalope coloring page teaches your child about the mythological creature from North America. Try our jackalope coloring page with your child.

Color the Hippocamp

This hippocamp coloring page features the legendary creature that is part fish and part horse. Try our hippocamp coloring page in a lesson about mythology.

Kappa Myth Coloring Page

One thing every culture has in common is a set of folk tales and myths. Check out a little bit of kappa myth with this coloring page.

Color the Lamassu

This lamassu coloring page depicts the legendary creature from Mesopotamian mythology. Use this lamassu coloring page in a lesson about mythological creatures.

Color Pegasus

Pegasus is a legendary creatures from Greek mythology: a winged horse that carried many heroes.

Color the Lightning Bearer

This coloring page features the mythological pegasus, a horse with wings. Try this pegasus coloring page with your child in a lesson about Greek mythology.

Color a Satyr

One thing every culture has in common is a set of folk tales and myths, and this coloring series features mythological creatures from all over the world.

Color a Xiezhi

This xiezhi coloring page is a great tool for kids learning about figures from folk tales from around the world. Try this xiezhi coloring page with your child.

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