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Explore Memory Pathways

Improve your child's memory, focus, and concentration with this outdoor group memory game. For 4th grade, 5th grade, and middle school age children.

Elbow Tag

Kids will love this more challenging version of tag where they'll have to run while "attached" to someone else.

Mother, May I?

This variation on the classic group game "Mother, May I?" can be played with one or more child and involves continual participation.

Musical Magical Hoops!

This fun game tests your child's memory and helps him recognize colors, listen well, discriminate between sound and silence, and stop and start on signal.

Hold a Math Marathon!

Make math fun and easy with this activity that challenges your child to use his addition and multiplication skills to win a race!

How Do Oil Spills Affect the Environment?

You've heard all about oil spills, but can they really be that bad? After all, vegetable oil is in almost every yummy baking good from cookies to brownies.

Count 'N Catch: A Skip Counting Game

Encourage your child to practice skip counting by turning number patterns into this fun and interactive game of catch.

Balloon Olympics

The next time your kids are pent up inside because of bad weather, try hosting a Balloon Olympics!

Play Animal Musical Chairs

In this variation on musical chairs, no one gets kicked "out" of the game -- instead, they get to tell other kids what to do!

Ball Toss Game

Good for indoor and outdoor play, this patriotic tossing game uses lightweight pieces that can be found in almost any household.

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