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recycled crafst

Different craft projects using recycled  objects
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Cosmetic Compact Greeting Card

Don't despair about finishing off that powder compact. Help your teen reconstruct it into a stylish greeting card for someone special!

Make a Cyber Bracelet

Your preteen will learn about computer parts and how to handle them as she uses an outdated computer to make a totally in-style bracelet!

Make Hardware Jewelry

Help your teen use scrap hardware to make punk-style jewelry that lets her own unique style shine.

Tie-Dye with All-Natural Dyes

Got a kid who loves fashion? Help her develop her own unique style with this tie-dye project using natural dyes.

Create a Vine Vase

Show your love of nature with this pretty vase made with vines. It will be perfect for holding a floral bouquet!

How to Make Your Own Paper

Your child can re-use and re-purpose old seeds and paper into something new: decorated paper that can be planted!

Wrapping Paper Vase

Use recycled wrapping paper and an empty bottle to make this beautiful vase for a great indoor activity when it's cold outside.

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