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Make a Self Portrait from Nature

Add some fun to arts and crafts by having your child make a self portrait using nature as her palette.

Trust Walk

Boost your child's listening, verbal and teamwork skills with this unique trust game in which one player guides another through a maze using only words.

Temporary Art

Who needs paint, glitter, or crayons when you have natural art supplies right outside your front door?

Constellation Viewer

Let your aspiring astronomer make her own constellation viewer out of a recycled paper tube.

Pressed Flower Cards

If your mom likes flowers, make her a sweet gift that she'll treasure with this fun craft, a pretty Pressed Flowers Card!

Play Rattlesnake Relay

Need an outdoor activity for your next party or family gathering? Try this wacky group relay game that's fun for adults and kids alike.

Andrew Goldsworthy Art

Your child can use leaves and grass to create his own outdoor art in celebration of Earth Day...all he needs are is the great outdoors and some creativity!

Play Duplication: Nature Memory

Duplication is a great outdoors game that helps your child's memory and teaches him all about his natural environment.

Clay Landscape

This clay "painting" activity encourages and supports creative development and critical thinking skills.

How Old is That Tree?

Try this simple activity with your child to guesstimate the age of a tree in your yard and nurture her developing math skills while you're at it!

Play Whistle Hide-and-Seek

Encourage a group of third graders to play this fun game of Whistle Hide-and-Seek as a warm-up to get them prepared for finding a "lost" camper.

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