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Number Rhymes

Get to know your numbers with this rhyming activity.

Symmetry: Complete the Shape

Help your child understand the concept of symmetry with this 2nd grade math worksheet. He'll draw the other half of each shape to make each one symmetrical.

Find the Missing Numbers: Reverse Addition & Subtraction #1

Kids practice reverse two-digit addition and subtraction to find the missing numbers in this 2nd grade math worksheet.

Subtraction with Regrouping #7

Learn how to borrow in subtraction problems with this math worksheet. Practice two-digit subtraction problems with borrowing.

2 Digit Subtraction

The monsters are exhausted from their marathon, but they don't know who the big winner is. Can your second grader use his subtraction skills to find out?

Name That Hero! Two-Digit Addition #1

Keep your second grader entertained--and teach her two-digit addition skills at the same time--with this super hero-themed worksheet.

Subtraction with Regrouping #3

Practice subtraction with regrouping in this 2nd grade math worksheet. Work through two-digit subtraction in this math worksheet.

Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 2

Your first grader will love learning double-digit addition with this company of the crazy creatures on this charming worksheet!

Reading a Calendar

Days, weeks, months: help your child sort them out by getting practice reading a calendar.

Scoreboard Subtraction #5

Is your second grader having trouble with borrowing? Take the boredom out of subtraction practice with this basketball-themed worksheet.

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