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The Why of Y

Looking for a worksheet to help your child identify different -y sounds? This printable will help your second grader with her reading skills.

Practice Reading Vowel Digraphs: aw

Help your beginning reader practice decoding tricky "aw" words with this complete the sentence worksheet.

Short and Long Vowel Review

By now, your child knows that not all vowel sounds are the same. Challenge him to determine whether words contain a short or long vowel sound.

Diphthongs: Oh Boy!

Kids choose from the diphthongs oi, oy, ou, and ow to fill in the missing letters in the words on this second grade reading and writing worksheet.

Get a Grip on Grammar: Homophones #12

Help your second grader get a handle on homophones with a bright worksheet that's set to give her some valuable grammar practice!

Compound Word Game

This word-building worksheet gets your child to see the interesting connections between words. Explore suffixes in this wordplay worksheet.

Phonics Review: Silent Letters

Give your child's reading fluency a boost by practicing reading words with silent letters.

Abbreviations: Days of the Week

Kids find the correct abbreviations for the days of the week amongst lots of made-up ones in this frog-themed 2nd grade reading worksheet.

Make an Abbreviation Book

Here's a fun book-making project that will help your child learn to abbreviate and provide an opportunity for her to exercise her artistic abilities.

Count 'N Catch: A Skip Counting Game

Encourage your child to practice skip counting by turning number patterns into this fun and interactive game of catch.

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