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Two-digit addition

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Homophones: Same Sounds

This second grade reading and writing worksheet gives kids practice with homophones as they choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

Name That Hero! Two-Digit Addition #8

This fun worksheet is sure to motivate your second grader to practice two-digit addition, and it's great for mental math, too!

Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 42

Carrying over remainders in double-digit addition will become second nature to your child with some practice with this adorable printable!

Addition with Carrying 22

Your second grader can help these bouncing beetles with two-digit addition problems. Watch out for larger numbers... they may require carrying!

Vertical Double Digit Addition Practice

As these friendly insects provide some creature companionship, your second grader will learn to add and carry over remainders in multi-digit problems!

Super Powers! Two-Digit Addition #9

Looking for a fun way to boost your second grader's two-digit addition skills? This super power-infused worksheet will actually motivate her to practice math.

Nature Walk: Addition #10

This nature-themed printable just might be the answer to making addition practice more interesting.

Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 28

Your second grader won't mind practicing double-digit addition--with carrying--with the company of a pretty purple partner!

Super Powers! Two-Digit Addition #7

Give your second grader stronger addition skills and let him have fun with a super hero puzzle, with this colorful worksheet.

Name that Hero! Two-Digit Addition #6

Give your second grader's two-digit addition skills a healthy work out with a worksheet that's heavy on learning--and fun!

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