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Food Math: Subtraction Fun

Food Math: Subtraction Fun allows preschoolers to practice simple subtraction by providing picture diagrams of each problem.

Preschool Math: Take Away the Sea Creatures

Preschool Math: Take Away the Sea Creatures offers preschoolers an easy introduction to subtraction that will have them wanting to dive right in!

Preschool Math: Stellar Subtraction

Get your little space explorer ready for launch into kindergarten! Give him a head start in math with this stellar subtraction worksheet.

How Many Are There? Birds

A counting and addition worksheet for preschoolers, featuring a bird theme.

How Many Are There? Hats

If your preschooler has an eye for style, this worksheet will help get him counting. Have him count the number of hats in each problem.

Addition with Pictures: Leaves

No matter what the season, preschoolers will love to learn to count with this fun, easy "Addition with Pictures" worksheet featuring fall leaves.

How Many Are There? Fish

A counting worksheet for preschoolers, featuring a fish theme.

Let's Practice Subtraction 1 to 10!

Whether your child's getting comfortable with counting or he's ready for a new challenge this sports themed worksheet will engage his math and number learning.

Let's Subtract 1 to 10!

Spring is in the air and so is math learning fun! Subtraction isn't always easy to teach, so this colorful worksheet steps in to lend you a hand.

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