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Quizzy Question Cards III

Looking for quiz questions to test your first grader's general knowledge? This printable will challenge your kid's overall knowledge.

Plant Life Cycle

Challenge your first grader to put these plant life cycle stages in the correct order with this fun beginning biology sheet.

Critter Classification: Birds

Can your first grader sort out the animals that are in the class Aves? She'll do some online research to decide which critters fit into the bird category.

Sensory Description Match-Up

Kids practice using sensory words as they match up each description with the sense that best fits. In the process, they get great writing practice, too

What Do Plants Need?

What exactly do plants need to survive: honey, bear, donuts, or air? Your first grader will contemplate these questions and more, with this adorable worksheet.

Baby Animals Names

Use your knowledge of the animal kingdom to help these baby animals find their way home!

Animal Crossword Puzzle

Got a little animal lover on your hands? Let him spend some time with his furry friends with this fun animal crossword puzzle.

Critter Crossword: Reptiles and Amphibians

Crocodiles, snakes, and toads fill the page on this cute crossword printable. Can your child figure out each animal's name and write them in the puzzle?

What Do Animals Eat? #1

What does a dog eat? Kids choose the pictures that show what kind of food each animal likes to eat in this first grade life science worksheet.

Critter Crossword: Bugs

Is your little one into creepy crawlies? Test his bug knowledge with a fun crossword puzzle.

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