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Letter K

Jaxon Practice
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Write and Draw Sight Words: In

By completing this sheet, preschoolers will practice their handwriting and build their budding vocabulary.

Alphabet Practice: K

Complete this alphabet exercise by practicing writing the letter K then drawing and labeling two objects that begin with K.

Words That Start With K

This kitchen scene is all about the alphabet, showing off everyday words that start with K.

ABC Flashcards: K

K is for key! Color in the letter K and its matching flashcard featuring a picture of a key and use them to practice memorizing the ABC's.

K Is For...

Help your preschooler learn the alphabet and practice letter K sounds all while having fun and coloring!

Alphabet Shapes: "K"

Start memorizing those ABC letter shapes! Give your little one some practice forming a capital letter "K" with these cut-out shapes.

Learning the Letter K

Give your child practice identifying the letter K in uppercase and lowercase with this printable worksheet.

Alphabet Flashcards: K

Key begins with the letter K! Color in the flashcards featuring the letter K then cut them out and use them to play memory and spelling games.

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