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3rd grade Fractions

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Money Practice: Fractions & Decimals

Kids review fractions, decimals and decimal place value as they rewrite each money value as a number with a dollar sign and decimal.

Mixed Numbers

Help your child get to know them with this worksheet that asks her to identify the mixed number shown.

Numerator and Denominator: Basic Fraction Terms

Kids learn the meaning of numerator and denominator in this fraction terms worksheet.

Fraction Fundamentals: Farm Animals

This practice quiz offers plenty of fraction practice, with a fun farm animal theme.

Fun Fractions

Each shape on this third grade math worksheet is divided into equal parts, and some of the parts are shaded. Kids identify and write the fraction represented.

Introducing Fractions: In the Classroom

This colorful worksheet brings fractions to a familiar place--the classroom--and gives your third grader a chance to convert words and ideas to fractions.

Introducing Fractions: Adding Fractions

Take your third grader's addition knowledge one step further with this introduction to fractions.

Hula Subtraction

On this third grade math worksheet, kids subtract simple fractions that have the same denominator.

Tropical Fruit Fractions

This third grade math worksheet asks questions about a set of different kinds of fruit. Kids respond to the questions by counting to determine the fractions.

Equivalent Fractions: Find the Partner

This equivalent fractions worksheet helps your child learn about and create equivalent fractions. Try this equivalent fractions worksheet with your child.

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