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3rd grade geometry

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Types of Angles

Looking for a worksheet to help practice basic geometry? This printable works with identifying different types of angles.

Types of Quadrilaterals

Do you know your quadrilaterals? Learn how to identify five different types of quadrilaterals and put your new knowledge to use with a few practice problems.

Shape Quiz

Searching for a worksheet to help you child with spatial awareness? This printable shape quiz works with basic geometric shapes.

Right Angles Geometry

Help your third-grader learn about right angle geometry with this simple geometry worksheet.

Label the Angle

Give your third-grader practice labeling angles on this geometry worksheet

Equilateral Triangles

Help your child practice identifying equilateral triangles on this geometry worksheet.

Geometry Basics: Review Quiz #2

From angles and congruent shapes to calculating perimeter, this quiz covers variety of topics in third grade geometry.

Geometry Basics: Review Quiz #1

Filled with questions on lines and polygons, this practice quiz makes a great review sheet or study guide for an upcoming test.

Symmetry and Congruence

Covering the concepts of symmetry and congruence in geometry, this worksheet is perfect for third graders who need a quick review.

Basic Geometry: Anatomy of an Angle

Learn some basic geometry with this worksheet all about the angle.

Three Types of Triangles

This worksheet will introduce your child to the three types of triangles: the equilateral triangle, the isosceles triangle and the scalene triangle.

Isosceles Triangles

Help your child learn how to identify an isosceles triangle with this geometry worksheet.

Scalene Triangles

Help your child learn to recognize scalene triangles with this worksheet.

Naming Quadrilaterals

Help your third-grader learn to recognize quadrilaterals with this geometry worksheet.

Identifying Triangles

On this geometry worksheet, your third-grader will look at the different triangles and label them as equilateral, isosceles, or scalene

Geometry Lines

Get to know the geometry of the line with this worksheet, which also goes over parallel and perpendicular lines.

Shape Transformation

With this worksheet, your third-grader will get practice reflecting, rotating, and transforming shapes.

Find the Missing Side

Get your child acquainted with the concept of perimeter with this geometry worksheet

Lines, Line Segments, and Rays

Give your child some practice identifying lines, line segments, and rays with this geometry worksheet.

Congruent Figures

Help your child learn how to recognize congruent shapes with this fun worksheet.

Choose the Unit: Weight

Help your third-grader learn the different units of weight with this worksheet.

Choose the Unit: Liquid Volume

With this worksheet, your third-grader will become more comfortable identifying the different units of measurement for liquid volume.

Let's Go Around! Exploring Perimeter

Hunting for a worksheet to help your kid with geometry? This printable will help him find the perimeter of objects.

Solid Figures: Shape Up!

Which solid figure describes a baseball? A sphere! Kids completing this third grade math worksheet match common objects to solid geometric figures.

Five-sided Polygon: Identifying Pentagons

In this 3rd grade geometry worksheet, your child will practice identifying this five-sided polygon as he colors in all the pentagons on the page.

Find the Perimeter

In this 3rd grade math worksheet, your child will practice geometry and addition as she calculates the perimeter of each house to find the largest one.

Polygons: Name that Shape

In this 3rd grade geometry worksheet, your child will complete each polygon using a ruler, then identify what type of polygon it is.

Geometry: Counting Volume

Is your third-grader ready to start learning about volume? Introduce them to the concept with this clear and easily understood worksheet.

Identifying Hexagons

In this 3rd grade geometry worksheet, your child will practice identifying hexagons as he colors in all the hexagons on the page.

Identifying Octagons

In this 3rd grade geometry worksheet, your child will practice identifying octagons as he colors in all the octagons on the page.

Reflection, Rotation, Translation

Challenge your child to figure out if each shape has been reflected, rotated or translated on this geometry worksheet.

Identifying Angles

In this third grade geometry worksheet, your child will practice identifying right, acute, and obtuse angles.

Rounding to the Nearest Thousand

Help "Bucks" Baxter estimate how much money he has by rounding everything to the nearest thousand.

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