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4th grade geometry

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Practice Finding Area #6: Get Painting!

Boost your fourth grader's geometry skills with this colorful worksheet; he'll work to find the area of the oddly-shaped wall that needs to be painted.

Practice Finding Area #8: Find a New Home

Give your fourth grader some entertaining at-home practice finding areas with this challenging worksheet that incorporates the adorable Mr. Rabbit!

Find the Area: Compound Shapes

It's not everyday that you see shapes like these! This worksheet helps your fourth grader practice finding the area of compound shapes.

Calculating Area in the Living Room

In this 4th grade math worksheet, kids find the area of a wall, then calculate which kind of wallpaper is within budget.

Identifying Triangles: Right Triangles

This colorful worksheet asks your fourth grade geometry detective to practice identifying right triangles.

Identifying Triangles: Acute Triangles

Let your fourth grader play triangle detective: can she spot the acute triangles on this worksheet?

The Missing Angle: Triangles

How much does your fourth grader know about triangles? Can he figure out the missing angle in each of these triangles?

The Missing Angle: Quadrilaterals

Turn your fourth grader into a geometry detective! How many degrees is each missing angle in these quadrilaterals?

Right Triangle: Practice Finding Area

Give your fourth grader a gentle introduction to geometry with this charming triangle area worksheet.

Obtuse Triangles: Identifying Triangles

Is your fourth grader reluctant to practice geometry? This colorful worksheet, which explores obtuse triangles, may be just what he needs!

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