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4th grade measurement

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Graduated Cylinders

Give your budding chemist the facts and practice she needs for measuring with graduated cylinders.

From Time to Time: Converting to Hours, Days, and Weeks

Boost your child's time sense with a lesson in time conversion. This word problem worksheet challenges him to convert a unit of time to hours, days, or weeks.

Perimeter Match

Fourth grade mathematicians will need to use their geometry skills to figure out the length of the pictured rectangles' perimeters, then make their own.

Mean, Median and Mode

Practice calculating the mean, median and mode of a data set! Your student will get familiar with the basics of statistics.

Spring Math: Measurement

Spring into spring with a little conversion practice.

Units of Measurement

This quiz-style worksheet is a great introduction to different units of measurement and what they are used for.

Match the Perimeter

Your fourth grader will need to use his geometry skills to calculate and create rectangle perimeters. He'll also improve addition and multiplication skills.

Fun With Perimeters

Fourth graders will calculate the perimeter of rectangles, then draw new shapes with similar perimeters. Help your child practice geometry with this worksheet.

Geometry & Measurement Review

Packed with exercises from finding area and volume to converting units, this worksheet is great for reviewing geometry and measurement skills.

Perimeter of a Rectangle

Have your fourth grader stretch his math knowledge with a geometry worksheet. He'll calculate the perimeter of a rectangle, then draw two similar shapes.

Convert Pounds to Ounces

Learn to convert ounces into pounds (and pounds to ounces) in this fun Easter worksheet.

From Time to Time: Converting to Hours and Minutes

Packed with time word problems, this worksheet helps kids learn how to convert hours to minutes and minutes to hours.

Temperature Conversion Formulas

Help your child grasp the concept of Fahrenheit versus Celsius with these easy-to-learn conversion formulas.

Summer Drink Recipes

Help your tween cool off this summer with these tasty summer drink recipes!

Rounding to the Nearest Thousand

Help "Bucks" Baxter estimate how much money he has by rounding everything to the nearest thousand.

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