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5th grade fractions/probability

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Convert Percent to Fraction

Kids practice converting percents into fractions and reducing fractions to lowest terms in this 5th grade math worksheet.

Fraction Word Problems: #2

Use this worksheet to help your child get more comfortable doing fraction word problems on his own.

Dividing Fractions by Fractions

Your child will learn how to divide a fraction with a fraction on this simple, step-by-step worksheet.

How to Multiply Mixed Numbers by Mixed Numbers

This valuable worksheet teaches your little mathematician how to convert mixed numbers to fractions, and then multiply them.

Multiplying Fractions with Fractions

This worksheet will help your child understand how to multiply fractions with fractions.

Changing Percents to Fractions

Kids practice converting percents into fractions, reducing fractions to lowest terms, and dividing to find the decimal in this 5th grade math worksheet.

Greater Than or Less Than? Comparing Fractions

Covering a variety of fraction skills such as converting to like fractions, this worksheet is sure to challenge your fifth grader's fraction savvy.

Introduction to Improper Fractions #4

This colorful worksheet is jam-packed with fraction practice, asking your fifth grader to practice converting improper fractions into mixed numbers.

Fraction Review: Addition, Subtraction, and Inequalities

Covering everything from adding and subtracting fractions to fraction inequalities, this worksheet offers a great review.

Adding and Subtracting with Unlike Denominators

This worksheet is sure to help any child that needs practice adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.

Fraction Word Problems: Strawberry Stand

Amy needs help calculating her strawberry sales! This math worksheet will be great for practical application of fractions in everyday life.

Baking with Fractions

In this 5th grade math worksheet, your child will work with fractions as she calculates how much of each ingredient she needs for a recipe.

Simple Fractions with Sylvia

Simple fractions worksheet helps teach your child to reduce fractions to their simplest form and cartoon characters keep learning interesting.

Adding Mixed Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Does your child need extra math practice? This worksheet can help her with the steps to adding mixed fractions with unlike denominators.

Practice Mixed & Improper Fractions 2

This colorful math printable keeps learning interesting for your 5th grader as he practices identifying mixed fractions and improper fractions.

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